Opobo/Nkoro L.G.A

The Opobo/Nkoro people are mainly farmers and fishermen.They are of Igbo extraction. They speak Igbo language mixed with pidgin and Igbani. Just like the neighbouring Bonny, founded by Ndokis of Azuogu, slaves from the hinterlan transformed the demography of the area when the Transatlantic Slave Trade was abolished. Ijaws who came in as porters also settled there and the Igbo language was adopted. Although, there are no indigenous Ijaw communities there, most Ijaw migrants and porters have fully been integrated into the original indigenous Igbo communities.
Pro-Natura International Nigeria has been assisting in community-led development in the LGA.

List of Towns and Villages in Opobo/Nkoro LGA
    Epelema, Ikwata, Iloma, Iwoama, Job-Ama, Kalaibiama, Kalasunju, Minima, Nkoro, Obo- Town, Okorobo -Ile, OlamNkoro, Olum, Opum, Queens Town