Magnus Ngei Abe has been returned as the Senator Elect of Rivers South East Senatorial District from the election held on Saturday December 10, 2016.

Announcing the results, the INEC returning officer for the Rivers South East Senatorial District election, Prof. Onuekwusi Gideon Chinedum, said Magnus Abe (APC) polled a total of 125,938 votes while, Olaka Nwogu (PDP) scored 25,394 votes.

Also, he stated that Kingsley Onyekwere (LP) scored 549, Comrade Oke Brown, (NNPP), 46 and Brown Elfreda (UDP), 99 votes respectively.

Prof. Chinedum said;" Magnus Abe of the APC having certified the requirement of the law and scored the highest number of votes is hereby declared the winner and is returned elected”.



Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

December 10, 2016

"I was a little boy in '94, an ordinary store-keeper, but the shocking events that led to the gruesome murder of my kinsmen are still fresh in my memories. After the Abacha government had discovered that their attempt to bribe some of our kinsmen to abandon their quest for the liberation of Ogoni people had proved abortive, they decided to set us up against one another. They went to the elders, those of them who were appointees in their government, and gave them money to stop the unrest in the area to enable them to have a proper dialogue with the people; only to simultaneously went to the youths and sold to them the lie that their elders had taken money from government to kill the struggle.
The youths were understandably angry, and so went in their numbers to confront the elders, not knowing that the government had already planted killers among them, who then proceeded to pounce on the elders and carried out an act that was alien to the culture and values of my people. And that was how we lost Chief Hon. Kobani, a former commissioner; Chief Hon. Badeh, a former SSG, Chief Hon. Olage, a former commissioner, and also his brother.
The Abacha government then blamed this killing on Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 others, and then went ahead to hang them all afterwards. That was how they were able to put friction in the wheels of our revolution back then. Ken Saro Wiwa was before then about to be sent to the National Constitution Conference to represent the interest of Ogoni people. But unfortunately, it was not to be, and the killings set Ogoni people several years backward.
Now, Senator Magnus Abe, a man who is also about to be sent back to the senate to do some serious work for his people, speaking on radio over the weekend, said:
"There is an evil in Rivers State and I have chosen to speak against it. If anything happens to me, Nigerians, Rivers, Ogoni people and my family should hold Governor Nyesom Wike and his PDP people responsible because the threat against my life is too much”.
The senator later went ahead to say there was a meeting of all the militants in Rivers State where they agreed to take advantage of the Yeghe crises to assassinate him, so that people will say he was killed by the families of those who lost their lives in the crises.
Now, this is not a threat to be taken lightly, especially with the experience we've had before. Wike's marching order to his people to stop Abe at all cost is also a threat that should be taken seriously. Strange persons have began to express more fears for the re-election of Magnus Abe than for the same election happening in their own senatorial districts. And this is so because they're scared of the rising political profile of Magnus Abe.
Now, I know that the senator may have already reported this threat to the appropriate security agencies, but my advise to our people is that they should not allow themselves to be used as tools in the hands of those who are against us.
Magnus Abe is well loved across the length and breadth of Ogoniland, and the show of love in Sogho yesterday is further confirmation of that. I live among them, I can feel the pulse of the people towards him, and see how the people are crazy about him. Magnus was in Bori two weeks ago and spoke at a rally, the outpouring of love was so much it was just a little short of kissing his feet. He left Gokana today and the warming reception was touching... So the idea that his people does not love him and that they would take advantage of some crises to kill him is a desperate plan that will only end in the figment of the plotter's imagination. That's exactly my gut feelings, but then, when you've been bitten by the dog that has bitten us before, then you would be a fool not to take this type of threat seriously.
- Gogo John from Gokana