The attention of the media team of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, the Senator representing Rivers South East Senatorial District, has been drawn to persistent press statement released to the media entitled; “Your Election Victory Will Be Short-Lived, Rivers PDP Tells Magnus Abe”.

Ordinarily, the team could have ignored the ranting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which had boasted in the past that Senator Abe would lose the re-run election, only for him to win resoundingly; it is expedient that we unmask the motive for the statement.

We know that the essence of the statement is not that Senator Abe, who got the sacred mandate of the people of Rivers South East will have such mandate short-lived, rather, it is intended to lift the sagged morale of PDP supporters which is waning on a daily basis.

Rivers people know the antics of Gov. Nyesom Wike, who feels that everybody can be bribed and that money is everything.

It is pertinent that we remind Gov. Wike and the PDP that there are still men of integrity in the judiciary that cannot be bribed. The judiciary he used to know where judgement could be purchased before the facts ahead no longer exists in Nigeria. He will learn the hard way that Nigeria judiciary has changed.

When we said it in the time past that Gov. Wike was not a democrat, some might not have believed us but the leaked audio tape had proved that we know what we were saying.

Let it be stated that the confidence of Gov. Wike could have been derived from setting aside billions of naira to bribe the judiciary to stop Senator Abe from being in the Senate as he did for INEC officials during the December 10 re-run elections.

We are sure he will meet a brick wall as the judiciary has enough men and women of integrity who will turn down his filthy lucre.

To this end, we, therefore, call on the security agencies to investigate the outburst of the governor, who seemed to have known the outcome of the election petition even when the panel was yet to be set up and no petition had been filed. This has become necessary in view of the governor's conduct, judging from the released audio tape.

Furthermore, we call on the people of Rivers South East to discountenance the tirades of Gov. Wike, who always engages in empty boast as he did in the last elections. The people of the district are for development, peace and progress and would not have time for his piece of propaganda stunt.


Gov. Wike should be reminded that we are in a democracy and as a person occupying the highest position in the State; he should lead by example in deepening democracy and its value rather than being a bad influence to the future generation.



Chairman, Media team

December 21, 2016