Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the Rivers South East Senatorial District re-run election has called on Ogoni people to vote for all the APC candidates and shun those who had worked against the UNEP report implementation.

Speaking at a campaign rally held in Tai Local Government Area, Abe said right from the beginning that PDP had been against the process that led to the UNEP report.

He said the UNEP report clean up of Ogoni land is about $1 billion dollars of which no Ogoni person should toy with, pointing out that at best what the state governor could give them is N100million.

He maintained that the process that led to the UNEP report was initiated by him (Abe) while serving as Secretary to State Government (SSG)under the Former Governor, Rt.Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

He   explained that when the expatriates visited to carry out the study, the same people in PDP said they were deceiving the Ogoni people and that it was an indirect way of bringing oil companies back to Ogoni land to drill oil.

He said they called them names such as vultures and wrote several petitions for the federal government under former president Goodluck Jonathan to stop the project.

Abe added that even when the report came out, former president Jonathan refused to have anything to do with it and never implemented it.
But today, he said, President Muhammadu Buhari has commenced the implementation of the report.

“The decision and determination of President Buhari to implement the UNEP report is a golden opportunity for our people. We cannot throw it away. Nobody can come from anywhere, whether he is a governor or anything and come and give us N100million to collect our $1billion dollars”, he said.

Speaking further, Abe said that the leaders of PDP in Ogoni did not have the sympathy of the people.

He cited Hon. Kenneth Kobani, whom he said lost five persons at his hometown in Bodo but said nothing about it.


Abe recalled that when people died during the crises in Sogho, Kaani and other places in Ogoni, the likes of Kenneth Kobani, Lee Maeba, Dum Deekor did not go there to sympathize with the people.

He said but when Nyesome Wike in his evil machination schemed the Yeghe crisis that the Ogoni leaders in PDP were all there pretending to sympathize, which he said was all to gain cheap political relevance.

Senator Abe urged the people to reject them and what they stand for, pointing out that they would benefit more in APC than in PDP.

“APC is about progress, prosperity, unity and development”, he maintained.




Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

March 13, 2016

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the Rivers South East Senatorial District re-run election has disclosed a conspiracy hatched by Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to malign his character and incite the Ogoni people against him before the March 19, 2016 State and National Assembly re-run elections.

Speaking at Silverbird Rhythm fm 93.7 news and current affairs programme tagged:"The View Point”, in Port Harcourt, Abe said that the case of the military approved by Gov. Wike to raid the home of ex-militant leader Solomon Ndigbara was the script the governor and the party were using to malign his character and incite his people against him.

He said that he knew nothing about the operation and had no part in it.

He wondered why the governor would sponsor a social media attack where he was described as a desperate politician who would want to win at all cost with the blood of his people.

He said those who knew him would testify that he had never been a desperate politician.

Senator Abe recalled that when the caucuses in the Senatorial District endorsed him in 2003, and the leadership of the party said otherwise and chose Senator Lee Maeba that he quickly supported Maeba without fighting him.

He further recalled that when his party did not approve of his ambition to be the governor of Rivers State, he did not fight the party neither did he give them personal conditions but rather presented only the interest of the Ogoni.

He also stated that when Nyesom Wike was detained by the EFCC, he went to EFCC to obtain his release insisting that without the release of Wike that he would not leave. This, he said, compelled the EFCC to detain him together with Wike.

He said that a person with such antecedent could not be referred to as a desperate politician.

"I want to say clearly that Rivers people know that I am not a desperate politician and will never be. Between me and Governor Wike who is desperate for power”, he said.



Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

February 27, 2016

It is important that I make this statement with regard to the crisis arising from the military's attempt to effect the arrest of Solomon Ndigbara, at Yeghe community in

Gokana Local Government Area, which led to the hoodlums burning down my Senatorial Liaison Office in Bori, Khana Local Government Area.

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